Waste Management


Progress is being made by the Department of Waste and Sanitation to clear the backlog in refuse removal across the City.

“Although we still have a shortage of trucks doing collections in our communities due to constant break downs, we are happy to announce 90% of our residents are now receiving smooth waste collection”, said Mayoral Member of Council (MMC) responsible for Environment and Waste Management, Ald. Andre du Plessis. 

The department is also investigating allegation of internal sabotage which has caused vehicles to “break-down” shortly after being repaired.

Waste Depot managers have been facilitated with a tracking sheet which will assist in communicating bottlenecks in the system and the reasons for this.

These sheets are live and are shared with residents via their councillors.

As a long-term solution, the option of introducing a full maintenance lease for the fleet to better deal with any breakdowns and expedite turnaround times to mitigate delays in service delivery is being explored. 

MMC du Plessis would like to extend his sincere apology to residents due to the collapse in the waste management chain and has committed to ensuring that residents are regularly updated.