Waste Management

Waste Removal Officials Only Pick Up City Branded 240l Wheelie Bins

The city’s waste removal officials are obligated by council policy to only pick up or service City of Ekurhuleni branded 240L wheelie bins that comply with the approved specification of the trucks.

There are a variety of reasons for servicing 240L wheelie bins that are only branded with the city’s logo such as:

  • The said bins must comply with the approved specification and must be SABS approved.
  • To promote uniformity and improved service standards.
  • To promote swifter identification of services per service point for more accurate billing.
  • Ekurhuleni approved/supplied 240L wheelie bins also comply with the bin lifting mechanism fitted on the waste removal trucks.
  • To provide for full accountability of the bin on the ground.

 The city provides 240L wheelie bin free of charge should an Ekurhuleni branded bin break as a result of negligence from the city’s side.

Furthermore, all customers must note that additional bins can also be requested at an additional monthly service fee. Bring along municipal statement of accounts and copy of ID at any nearby solid waste depot of customer care centre.