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Waste Removal Delayed By Fatal Shooting Incident at Springs Solid Waste Depot

Refuse removal was not possible today (19 January) for Springs and Kwa-Thema areas due to a shooting incident at the Springs solid waste depot.

One city employee was shot dead by unknown people at the entrance gate while on duty.

Divisional Head for Waste Management Services Mandisa Phosa said workers were deeply affected by the incident.

“The body lying on the ground at the entrance of the facility, while waiting for the government pathology team, had a negative psychological impact on the employees. However, the City has arranged counselling for the workers to cope with the situation,” Phosa said.

Residents of Springs, Kwa-Thema and surrounding areas are encouraged to take out their 240ℓ wheelie bins on Wednesday morning by 07h00, as the collection rounds of Tuesday will be carried out then.

Furthermore, Phosa sent condolences to the family of the deceased, colleagues and friends.

“We are working with law enforcement agencies to investigate this criminal act and we hope to speedily bring the perpetrators of this atrocious crime to book,” she concluded.