Water & Sanitation

25-Mega Litre Water Storage Capacity Added Through New Fairleads Reservoir in Benoni

Picture 5 Fairleads ReservoirConstruction of the 25-mega litre Fairleads reservoir in Benoni is nearing completions, and it is scheduled to be finished by end of June 2021. The reservoir will go a long way to ensure consistent supply of clean quality water to the citizens and businesses for an extended period even in case where, for emergency reasons, the supply form the water source stops.

This above groundwater reservoir has been constructed adjacent to the existing Fairleads pump station. As such it forms part of a new reservoir complex to supply the Fairleads, Slaterville and Marister with sufficient water storage capacity to enable development in and around the area. Distribution from the reservoir will relieve the Rand Water (RW2467) line from direct feeds to the areas.

The reservoir lies a mere 14 minutes North of Lakeside Mall, Benoni’s biggest shopping centre. Benoni is also home to no less that 21 schools and 6 hospitals including and an eye hospital and a day clinic.

The construction of the reservoir created jobs for companies specialising in different fields of services needed for construction, including:

  • Post-Tensioning
  • Reinforcing Suppliers
  • Scour pipeline and access road contractor
  • Pipework supplier
  • Concrete Supplier
  • Formwork supplier
  • Security services supplier
  • Toilets supplier
  • G5 materials suppliers
  • Tower Crane supplier
  • Corrosion Protection and AC Mitigation specialists

The City’s planners envision further development in this area and the reservoir will also serve the forecasted demand.