Water & Sanitation


The City of Ekurhuleni commends communities for using water sparingly during the ongoing heat wave.

“Despite the unbearable heat, the city has observed the moderate water usage in the region,” says city spokesman Zweli Dlamini.

This is in contrast with past experiences when water storage levels dropped tremendously due to high water demand as a result of the heat.

The city appeals to communities to continue preserving water. In doing this, the public is encouraged to practice among others the following:

  • avoid washing cars with hosepipes, but rather use buckets;
  • avoid watering gardens during the day opt for early morning or evening hours;
  • rather sweep than use a hosepipe to clean pavements;
  • turn off taps while brushing teeth;
  • take short showers and avoid filling the bathtub; and
  • re-use water as much as possible – water from washing clothes, rinsing fruit and vegetables can be reused for other purposes.

The City is continuously monitoring the reservoir levels to ensure there is sufficient water supply. In the case of water shortage, water tankers will be provided to affected areas.

The public is encouraged to visit the city’s digital platforms for updates related to water supply interruptions. These platforms are: