Water & Sanitation


During the City of Ekurhuleni Council sitting today, MMC for Water, Energy and Sanitation, Cllr Senzi Sibeko handed over the Green Drop status certificates to Executive Mayor Ald Tania Campbell.

The Green Drop certificates were awarded to the City by the National Department of Water and Sanitation in April for excellence in its six waste treatment plants.

Council congratulates the City of Ekurhuleni for being awarded the Green Drop status certificates. It is an encouraging endorsement that reinforces the Back-to-Basics strategy adopted by the Multi-Party Coalition government. Focusing on the restoration of the municipality’s basic services not only reinstates the integrity of the city through the continuous implementation of its governance mandate but shows our local communities that the municipality is taking the delivery of basic services as its foremost priority. 

Council thanks key role players such as the Oversight Committees of Water, Energy and Sanitation for applying scrutiny measures that ensures implementing departments remain accountable for the work of council.

The Green drop programme is a critical regulatory monitoring tool used by the Department of Water and Sanitation, and certification is awarded to wastewater systems that obtain scores of above 90% when compared against the criteria set for wastewater management.