Water & Sanitation


 The City of Ekurhuleni has heeded the cry of Palm Ridge residents to intervene in the construction of Palm Ridge reservoir due to longstanding delays.

The city has engaged a new contractor that has already make progress to bring the construction of the reservoir to a close.

The brief to the new company, Complete Cycle JV Ilungelo Lami which started work in April 2021, was project management for the construction of 35ML Palm Ridge reservoir (Katlehong 2) for work stages 5 & 6 which included:

  • completion of the construction of the 35ML reservoir, i.e., water proofing, drainage and installation of accessories;
  • installation of mechanical components and scouring chamber;
  • excavation for laying and testing of 800mm diameter HDPE pipelines for outlet and inlet sections;
  • site lighting protection and perimeter fence installation;
  • reinstatement of access road and any part disturbed during construction;
  • construction of 562m long, 900mm diameter stormwater and scouring line; and
  • tying in of the pipeline to supply the reservoir from Rand Water meter.

The following work, among others, has been completed:

  • Building of the scaffolding
  • Excavations and concrete preparation
  • Painting of the reservoir
  • Installation of necessary pipes, valves and gutter

Road preparation