Water & Sanitation


On average, the City attends to about 5,000 sewer complaints per month and spends almost R364 million per annum on sewer maintenance. This includes the discarding of foreign objects from the system which is identified as the main cause of many blockages.

To eradicate sewer spillages across Ekurhuleni, the city this morning (19 October) launched operation Siyakhuculula Manje-Namhlanje at Nhlapo Section in Katlehong. Leading from the front was MMC for Water, Sanitation and Energy, Cllr Thembi Msane who rolled her sleeves and joined in cleaning the sewer system in the area through the drain rodding process.

“The aim of the campaign is to restore dignity to communities because no one should live in an area where sewerage spillages are a norm,” said MMC Msane.

“The debris from the manholes are items that either accidentally slipped into the lines or were illegally dumped by people unfamiliar or unconcerned with the damage to the municipal infrastructure. The latter is a big concern because we need communities on board to help prevent blockages.”

The MMC further raised her concern at some of the items found during the cleaning process, which included animal carcasses, utensils, car parts and bulkier items of mysterious origin, including tyres and mattresses.

Parallel to the physical work being done on the sewer lines was public education and awareness on the health hazards and effects of throwing foreign objects into manholes.

Part of the operation will include the sweeping of sewer lines, replacement of faulty lines and the repair of manholes throughout the City of Ekurhuleni.