Water & Sanitation


The City of Ekurhuleni appeals to residents and businesses to be aware of their water usage as high temperatures prevail.

The City has noted a trend in the increase in water demand over the past week and thus calls for consumers to preserve water in order to avoid possible water curtailments.

In preserving water, members of the public are encouraged to:

  • Limit the watering of gardens;
  • The watering of gardens should only be done in the early morning or evening hours;
  • Take short showers and avoid filling the bathtub;
  • Use a bucket to wash cars and to clean outdoor areas, not hose pipes;
  • Re-use water as much as possible – water from washing clothes, rinsing fruit and vegetables can be reused for other purposes;
  • Prioritise fixing water leaks on your property and report municipal burst pipes;
  • When washing hands do not let the water run, as you wash your hands for 20 seconds;
  • Remember to keep the tap closed; and
  • Minimise water evaporation including from the swimming pools by covering them when not in use, and watering the garden when temperatures are low.

Meanwhile, technicians are monitoring the City’s water supply systems closely to avoid stringent measures being implemented.