Water & Sanitation


The City of Ekurhuleni advises residents to prioritise water for consumption, while efforts are being made to stabilise water supply to Tsakani and neighbouring areas affected by the current water situation.

This advice comes at the back of the City realising that residents still continue to use the limited water available to water their gardens, fill up swimming pools and wash their vehicles, among others.

Due to stage 2 water restrictions from Rand Water, the City’s reservoirs are not receiving sufficient supply to the storage reservoir. The situation worsened on Wednesday night when the Mapleton pump station experienced a power failure. This incident resulted in a total load loss, which means for the duration of the power outage, no water was pumped from the booster pump station.

Although the power supply was subsequently restored in the early hours of Thursday, there has not been much improvement in the reservoir levels.

This incident has affected several Rand Water reservoirs in the Mapleton system with Vlakfontein 1 & 2, Selcourt and Brakpan 1, 2 & 3 being the worst affected.

The City has escalated this issue to Rand Water to urgently assist with augmenting water supply to the affected areas. According to Rand Water it is expected to take 3 – 5 days for the reservoir levels to recover. The City apologises for the inconvenience this has caused and will closely monitor the situation to determine the need for urgent intervention.