Water & Sanitation


Residents from Duduza, Tsakani, and surrounding areas are informed that the water level at the Duduza Reservoir is gradually increasing and large parts of areas affected by the supply interruption are now receiving water.

Technicians will continue to closely monitor the water level at Duduza Reservoir which was drained by a high water demand that resulted in a supply interruption. 

The city appeals to the community to continue using water sparingly, and to practice among others, the following:

  • Avoid washing cars with hosepipes, but rather use buckets;
  • Avoid watering gardens during the day, opt for early morning or evening hours;
  • Rather sweep than use a hosepipe to clean pavements;
  • Turn off taps while brushing teeth;
  • Take short showers and avoid filling the bathtub; and
  • Re-use water as much as possible – water from washing clothes, and rinsing fruits and vegetables can be reused for other purposes.