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Wrong Reference Number Leads to Unallocated Customer Payments

The City is currently experiencing an increase in unallocated customer payments for municipal accounts. 

When paying a services account, customers must use their account number as the reference. If not used, or it is an incorrect number, the City may not be able to allocate the customer payments.

The municipal account number is the 10 digit number that appears on the top right corner of the account statement. This is what must be used as a reference when paying.

Delayed payment allocations can be avoided by doing the following:

  • Use only the municipal account number as a reference on your direct internet banking or third party payment channel.
  • When paying through Siyakhokha Instant EFT ensure the payment process is complete on the Siyakhokha site. The reference allocated is specific to Instant EFT payment and should not be used for the next transaction on either Siyakhokha or EFT.
  • Do not include personal or company names or any other as a reference.
  • Do not use the EFT reference provided by Siyakhokha for direct internet banking purposes, use the municipal account number only.
  • Siyakhokha Instant EFT payment channel creates a unique reference number that is only valid for one payment per account number also validated per date of payment.

Proof of payment

Send your proof of payment through to the following channels, with the correct municipal account number:

Avoid long queues and be safe during Covid-19

The City’s online system – Siyakhokha – allows you to view, monitor as well as pay your account online at your convenience. Account queries can also be sent through this platform.

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