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It was an emotional yet inspiring site to watch a local art group showcasing their work on stage for the last time just before jetting off to Europe. On Friday, 10 June, 2022, The City of Ekurhuleni hosted the members of Via Katlehong art group at the Dumisani Masilela Theatre in Germiston to wish them well on their tour of the European countries to showcase their artistic talent in pantsula and contemporary dance moves.

Via Katlehong art group gave a 30 minutes art piece of a mixture of pantsula and contemporary dance moves on the Dumisani Masilela Theatre stage, having audiences sitting on the edge of their seats captured by the exhilarating dance moves, living them wanting for more.

Zanele Katembo the city’s head of department for Sports, Recreation, Arts and Culture congratulated the local art group, wishing them well on all their endeavours and showered them with goodies as a token of appreciation from the city.
“We celebrate you young people today because you stay true to what makes you true South Africans and it is in your authenticity that makes the world want to know who we are and what we are about as South Africans, go well and shine”, said Katembo.

Via Katlehong art group departed for their European tour on Sunday, 12 June and are set to return to South Africa in August 2022