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Chris Hani Month Celebration

The month of April is regarded as Chris Hani Month in the calendar of the City of Ekurhuleni where we celebrate his life and legacy as well as what he stood for. This year’s commemoration, which will be led by President Cyril Ramaphosa, will be under the theme ‘’Revisiting the values and principles of triple H legacy to strengthen the role of local government and prevent the spread of corona virus’’.

The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak led to response mechanisms by the City in line with the Chris Hani triple H legacy which are, hunger whereby he believed that all families should have basic food, housing which looks to providing decent housing or shelter and, lastly, health which has to do with making sure that there is provision of decent health care for all. The City’s response to health saw a total of 93 clinics in operation during lockdown with two quarantine sites established at Transnet School of Excellence with 400 beds. Bertha Gxowa was used for hospitalization with 300 beds, and at least eight Cuban doctors were deployed to assist with the City’s COVID-19 response. In order to deal with homelessness, the City created four homeless shelters which housed 384 people.

This year’s wreath laying, which is a closed event, takes place as follow on 10 April at the Thomas Nkobi Memorial Park.