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Germiston Lake Park is Ready for Festive Season Visitors

germiston lakeThe summer season is upon us, so is the festive season which attracts many to the City’s parks for outings. As such, work is underway to keep all community parks ready, clean and well maintained.

Germiston Lake Park is one such facility that is known for drawing throngs of people seeking to enjoy the park’s picnic and braai spots with family and friends.

In preparation for the busy season, grass cutting, tree pruning and maintenance of the decorative water fountain at the entrance is currently ongoing.

Patrons wishing to visit the City’s parks, such as Germiston Lake and many other recreational facilities, are urged to adhere to the COVID-19 regulations of wearing masks, practising social distancing and regular washing of hands or sanitising.

Furthermore, security personnel will manage the number of people entering the park so as to avoid overcrowding.