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Librarians from across the City’s libraries have picked their favourite books from the bookshelves, and invite families and friends to huddle their little ones for an online story time. 

A total of 15 storybooks, read in four different languages by librarians have been recorded to create an online reading corner that is available on the City of Ekurhuleni’s website.

“The essence of the online reading session is to instill the culture of reading in families and encourage the young ones to be exposed to, and start, reading from an early age,” said Karin Muller, head of Libraries and Information Services in the City.

Recent research underlined the importance of reading skills in the Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS) – its purpose is to assess reading comprehension and to monitor trends in literacy at five-year intervals. The tests revealed that 78% of Grade 4 pupils in South Africa fell below the lowest level on the PIRLS scale: meaning, in effect, that they cannot understand what they are reading. 

Muller further stated that reading aloud to children would significantly benefit their cognitive development, comprehension, improve their language skills, imagination, creativity as well as a magnitude of other benefits. Reading is a lifelong skill that will always benefit children. Research, furthermore, indicates a parallel relationship between literacy (which includes reading ability) and academic achievement, from Grade 0 to tertiary studies.

In this light, Ekurhuleni residents are encouraged to take advantage of the online reading sessions, and develop the reading abilities of the young ones from an early age

The videos of the librarians reading children’s stories will be shared weekly on the City of Ekurhuleni’s digital platforms.

Alternatively, residents can read ahead by visiting the online reading corner on

While the online reading session is a perfect way to make reading fun for the entire family. Library users are encouraged to visit any of the libraries in the City with their young ones. Libraries are open from Monday – Friday and every second Saturday.

For more information contact your local library or send us a mail on