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Masedisa Mojaki – Game Changer for Katlehong

Women in karate For a while karate has been regarded as a male dominated sport, however martial artist Masedisa Mojaki from Katlehong is one of the few women that is changing that perception.

Mojaki, also known as ‘Mas’, is not only a karateka, but she is also mentor and community builder in her own right.

A Yondan (4th black belt) holder and one of the first few black women in the township to hold such a rank, ‘Mas’  is also Dojo operator – which means she runs her own karate school, right here in Katlehong.

Among her students are the over 300 learners from the Ekurhuleni School of the Deaf.  Together with other instructors she run karate classes for children who are four years and older from Khutsong hostel and surrounding areas Monday to Thursday.

Mas also mentors a group of girls, known as Chix Vs Ladies, who are between the ages of 12 and 17 years. With this group, she empowers them to face life challenges and the importance of being independent.

‘’Karate is not about violence, it is instead about self-defence, honour, etiquette, discipline and respect. As a woman (age, height, size and shape) you have to depend on yourself in every environment you’re in’’ she said.

She also run an annual event called “Nothing but Woman”.  

The annual event is to create awareness on health related matters, fitness, marriage, life, food and fashion, among others. Motivational speakers and matters related to gender based violence also form part of the event.

“We need to build our mothers and daughters and it is very important that we talk about issues that affect us,” she said.

Those interested in joining her classes can contact her on:

FB: (Mas Mojaki), 

IG: Miz_mas42

Blog: Juz Mas


Cell: 0835243387