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Scores Take Up The Fitness Challenge At City’s Annual Aerobics Marathon

Scores of fitness fanatics braved heavy downpours to kick away an inactive lifestyle by attending the City’s annual aerobics marathon.

On Saturday, 08 February, Germiston Lake Park was flooded with fitness-loving people who heeded the call by the City to take up fitness and healthy eating lifestyles.

The annual aerobics marathon, which is on its third anniversary this year, saw participants enjoying the high impact sessions of Zumba, Hi-Lo and Kickboxing from professional aerobics instructors.

Meanwhile, the City’s mobile clinic came through for all participants to do health screening for blood sugar levels, high blood pressure checkups, pap smear and HIV testing.

The aerobics marathon session is preceded by the weekly ‘Fit-for-Free’ aerobics sessions held every Saturday mornings across the City’s parks and sports fields for a maximum of three hours.

For more information on the ‘Fit-for-Free’ aerobics sessions, please visit the City’s website and social media pages as follows:



Pic1: Mavis from Tembisa Aerobics Club leading the masses on a Hi-Lo session during the annual aerobics marathon in Germiston Lake on Saturday, 8 February.

Pic2: Fitness fanatics braved the rainy weather to participate in the annual aerobics marathon at Germiston Lake.