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Exposure to Sunlight No Longer the Sole Danger to Eyesight

Remember those days when a parent or guardian would warn not to look directly at the sun or that over overexposure to sunlight may cause blindness. 

For the ‘Eye Care Awareness’ Month, commemorated from 23 September to 18 October,  Manager for Non-Communicable Diseases in the City’s Department of Health, Angie Ndhambi cautions that too much exposure to screens such as  Television or cellphone equally have a negative effect on one’s eyesight just like being  overexposure to the sun.

“People spend a considerable amount of time working on a computer, watching TV or on their phones. Looking at a bright screen for a long time tends to dry and strain the eyes leading to redness and this pattern ultimately causes prolonged eye problems that may lead to blindness,” Ndhambi warned.

Ndhambi further noted that a comprehensive eye examination is very important as it would not only determines one’s need for spectacles but could also dictate the presence of eye disease, and if detected early and treated it might save one from blindness.  

She urged residents to visit some of the facilities that offer free comprehensive eye care services in the City

Some of the healthcare facilities that offer free comprehensive eye care services are as follows:

Name of facility

Customer Care Area

Day service is rendered 

Thembisa Main Clinic


Monday to Friday

Duduza Clinic



Payneville Clinic



Slovo Park



NB: Please note that eye care services are the competency of Gauteng Health Department and booking is essential when you need the service.