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Germiston Social Housing Project

The construction of the second phase of the Germiston Fire Station Housing project is near completion. Set to change the face of urban housing in Germiston CBD, the R92 million project is in its final stages and set to be finished end November. It is made up of 197 rental units to provide
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Hail Awareness Tips

Hail storms can leave devastating damage in their wake. The best way to deal with a hail storm is to know when one is approaching. You can get weather updates using apps, listening to the radio and by checking the South African Weather Service (SAWS), which will keep you up to date with the weather […]
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Heat Wave Alert

With the higher temperatures of summer upon us, so too are heatwaves that can be detrimental to plants, animals and humans. According to the Oxford Dictionary a heatwave is a period of unusually hot weather that typically lasts two or more days. To be considered a heatwave, the temperatures have to be outside the historical averages for a […]