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The City Keeps to its Commitment to Provide Clean Water Communities

As the coronavirus pandemic continues wreaking havoc, water has become one of the important human fundamentals.

Wash hands – wear a mask – social distance – drink lots of water or steaming with hot water has become the new normal.  It has become imperative for municipalities like the City of Ekurhuleni to ensure that they do not drop the ball in the supply of water to the communities.

Since the announcement of the country’s lockdown in March 2020 the City has managed to keep the taps running.  This, despite the effects of the pandemic on the workforce reporting for duty in many organisations, in the private and public sectors. The City also managed to build additional water reservoirs to further ensure unabated continuance of water service delivery.

There may have been times that the 48-hour turn-around time commitment made by the Water and Sanitation Department to the City’s customers to sort out reported incidents was not met. In the main it would have been due to technical glitches, including the enormity of the problem but never because there were no engineers or technicians to get the job done.

Head of Water and Sanitation Department in the City Mduduzi Shabangu echoed the sentiments expressed by City Manager Dr Imogen Mashazi when she welcomed employees back from the December holidays – where she urged employees to brace themselves for more hard work in the efforts to better the lives of the people.

Shabangu has recommitted to efficient and effective delivery of quality water and sanitation services.