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Burial Space in Ekurhuleni is Limited, Consider Burial Options

The City of Ekurhuleni’s cemeteries are approaching full capacity for new burials, with just 30 percent of the vacant burial space remaining across the City.

Phumlani Cemetery in Etwatwa was closed on 29 February 2020 due to non-availability of burial space for first interment. However, the cemetery remains ready for second, in appropriate circumstances, third interment.

Residents are encouraged to consider other options to save burial space, such as second and third interment in accordance with the City’s Cemetery and Crematorium by­laws. The by-laws make provision for multiple interments in one grave on condition that an application has been made to the cemetery officer and written permission has been granted.

Families who have arranged reserved graves can still bury on those spaces only if they can produce proof of reserved graves to cemetery officials.

Nevertheless, the city has reserved a small portion of land at the Phumlani Cemetery for the burial of indigents and paupers only.

Residents in the Etwatwa area can utilize nearby cemeteries such as Lala Ngoxolo Cemetery in Crystal Park and Springs Sub Regional cemetery in Petersfield.

Residents can still visit Phumlani Cemetery offices, as the office is still operational. Alternatively, for more information, contact Harriet Bless on 011 999 9288.