Utility Services

No Wheelie Bin – No Collection

The City of Ekurhuleni has completed the migration to 240ℓ wheelie bins, and as from 1 July no waste will be collected unless it is in a City-branded wheelie bin.

If you did not collect your bin during the roll out, you can collect from the waste management depot in your area. The City’s fleet of refuse trucks are fitted with an automated mechanism to pick up the bins and pour the refuse into the compactor, thus any other container cannot be used.

Residents who are yet to collect their bins can do so Monday – Friday, 08h00 to 15h30. Remember to take along a copy of your ID and municipal account when doing so. The bin is issued for free, while the refuse collection is charged at R162.24 per month per bin. Residents who are in need of more than one bin may apply at an additional charge.

Please remember to put your bin out at 07h00 on collection days.

Advantages of using the 240ℓ wheelie bin include:

  • Provides more storage capacity than the refuse bin used previously.
  • Has a longer lifespan than a bag (approximately eight years).
  • Minimises tearing of bags by rodents and stray dogs, and infestation of rodents.
  • Durable to use and easy to clean.
  • Easy to handle with low risk of being exposed to sharp objects.
  • Does not generate water vapour and is made of pest repellent material.
  • Avoids using plastic bags that are not environmentally friendly.
  • Promotes uniform service standards and cleanliness of the City.